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Blur [Sony PlayStation 3]

4.5 étoiles | 105 critiques


Blur is the ultimate powered-up racing experience, dropping you into electrified action with a mass of cars targeting the finish line and battling each other as they trade paint in both single player and multiplayer action. Travel the globe from L.A. and San Francisco to Spain, the UK and more to take on the best the streets have to offer. Utilize an arsenal of power-ups like nitro speed boosts, shock attacks, defensive shields, and landmines to beat your rivals across the finish line. You choose how and when to use your arsenal of powerups for ultimate impact in a race where the outcome is never certain.

In Blur the storyline plays out in the single player campaign. Here players assume the role of an up-and-coming racer who is looking to make a name for himself in the underground racing scene, but the competition is fierce. As you take on the series of races, you'll meet a bunch of recurring characters. Some of these characters will be rivals, others perhaps will act as mentors, and some may be something else entirely. The only thing that is certain in the world of Blur is that in a race there are winners and losers, and racers will do anything to reach the finish line first.

Although filled with the beautifully elaborate racing environments, realistic damage effects and a long list of available cars usually only found in simulation racers, Blur is an arcade racer through and through. Its single player campaign revolves around the game's Career Mode, while in multiplayer there are additional options, including customizable cooperative and competitive races. In both of these though the second-to-second, fast-paced action is rooted in the wealth of powerups strewn throughout the track. These are addictive in their use and dramatic and devastating when used against opposing racers. With each successive race that players engage in they will use their collection of powerups to engage in vehicular combat of all sorts as they make their.


  • Plattform Sony PlayStation 3
  • Label Activision Inc.
  • Spielformat Videospiel
  • Langue Allemand, Français
  • Langues (jeu) en
  • Publié le 10. Janvier 2010
  • FSK 7
  • EAN 5030917070662

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